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Focus more on your mission, not on spreadsheets

Get accurate, detailed grant management reporting so you can stay focused on the strategic goals that support your mission.

Time-consuming processes like manual time entry, grant tracking, report creation and audit preparation are a headache for your payroll and accounting staff. IDI’s customizable solutions, Time Bank and GrantAlytics, help your top line and your bottom line by providing reliable, down-to-the-penny visibility into all of your grants and detailed reporting. Stay focused on your mission, and meet your grant’s compliance requirements with confidence knowing you are using actual data instead of estimates.


Ditch Your Spreadsheets! 

Time Bank is an application that helps your payroll team save 8-12 hours a week by breaking down your employees’ time and hourly or salary earnings across grant and non-grant related time. Time Bank retrieves all of your employee’s actual time worked in your time system and sends payroll detailed the data needed for accurate pay, GL/financials and detailed reports.

Whether a salaried employee charges 53 hours in a week across 4 grants or 34 hours across 6 grants, the employee’s salary earnings are precisely allocated to the penny to give you accurate payroll and financials for your grant spending.  Time Bank can also accommodate organization specific rules for redistributing overtime or PTO to grants for your hourly employees.

Time Bank Online Overview


Don’t Miss Out On Future Funding! 

GrantAlytics is a grant management solution for nonprofits and other grant/program funded organizations that lets you see how your grants are performing—and why. With actual labor expenses from your time & attendance and payroll systems and easy-to-use budgeting tools, it also makes you a stronger candidate for future funding because it provides detailed reporting on past spending.

Instead of waiting until you close the month’s financials and wrestling with spreadsheets to figure out if you’ve over or underspent, GrantAlytics gives you the timely and detailed information you need to track your spending to stay on target.


GrantAlytics Overview

Software Solutions for non-profit grant management

  • See how your non-profit can use Time Bank to improve the accuracy of your payroll reporting
  • Check out this video below to see how GrantAlytics simplifies grant management reporting for non-profits and grant-funded organizations. 



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